01 November 2009

la festa di ognissanti

& so today begins a month that is not always so easy for me to navigate...it seems so fitting to me that my parents' passings were during the month that begins with the feasts of All Saints & All Souls...st. benedict wrote in his 'rule' to 'keep death daily before one's eyes'...during november this directive to remember death is not so difficult for me to follow...last night at the All Saints vigil Mass, fr. T's encouraging words reminded me that for most of my days i do not spend enough time thinking on the Last Things...nor do i usually frame the context of my thoughts & actions around my final end...does what i am thinking, doing, creating in my everyday life matter toward this end?...in other words, am i doing what i am supposed to be doing right here, right now. i so often find myself looking down~ looking at the nitty-gritty very small picture...forgetting my purpose, forgetting to look up~ keeping an eye on the end of our journey...this feast reminds me of where i am going...& it reminds too that we do not navigate this alone; we have friends for the journey, friends in very high places! their examples of holy lives, their intercessions available to us now offer much comfort to us each day...


Karen Cole said...

I am going to be thinking of your quote and looking up for the rest of the day. Thank you, Deb.

somepinkflowers said...

an inspiring post
with links that made me
think about life
in the best way...

i am presently working
on Morning Prayers myself.
sometimes before,
but sometimes during, breakfast.

{{oatmeal and faith
are a winning combination!}}

prayers of guidance
but also prayers of appreciation.

well, my favorite link
{{ you might remember this }}
the one to saint rita...

impossible causes?

i am finally learning
there are none.

Annie said...

A very thoughtful post of the journey to answers. St Therese of Lesieux is a good example of a friend. I currently reading her biography. Compelling story.