10 September 2009

snapshots on the journey6...


D., Baby Girl & Big Bro~ flown home. Little Man & i remain. crazy eastern european travel buds not yet arrived. what to do, what to do??...

check iRail app, find next train to firenze, of course!!!...stop by my favorite church (Santa Margherita in Maria de' Ricci)...take a passeggiata, enjoying the beauty of this wonderful city...while indulging in a gelato (of course!!!)...& catch the train back to roma for nighty night!...Firenze never fails to call my name whenever i am in the bel paese!

another day of down-time in roma~~ no problema!!! catch another train...visit roma's awesome beach~ santa marinella...have a great night with great friends (still roma's best eats, in my humble opinion!)...catch the even-later train back to roma & sleep well because in the morning its time to welcome more friends from the states & head to romania!...(have crazy...will travel!!!!)...roma, firenze, santa marinella, giugno, 2009


Annie said...

Deb - what fun. so like the dancer truckin' along. According to my son, the main reason for going to Italy ANYWHERE is to experience the gellato. LOL

Carol said...

Wow! Beautiful trip. Thanks for sharing!

somepinkflowers said...


you guys!
having the best time
WHERE ever you go!


i think how cool it would be
to be in italy
when you are there..

{{ i feel confident you OWN
secret gelato locations }}

Leslie said...

Oh, how fun this looks. I loved visiting Santa Margherita in Maria de' Ricci myself when I was in Florence. It was sort of an accident that we ended up there. I believe it was a Sunday afternoon and the Ponte Vecchio and the Accademia di Belle Arti were both closed. What a find that beautiful church was!