28 February 2009

march forward...

did you ever hear the old wives' tale about the month of march..."in like a lion, out like a lamb...in like a lamb, out like a lion?" i'm not sure about how much truth it contains, but i'm hoping it's correct this year. we are awaiting plummeting temperatures & *another* forecast of snow. but unfortunately our "weatherman" is out for the count. Little Man is in a feverish state. His big sister, home from college, has taken up a place on the other couch, also ill. (how grateful she is to be home rather than in a cold dorm room!) i'd say this qualifies for "in like a lion" at casa piacere!


Britt-Arnhild said...

In like a lion here, with snow, snow, snow. Hopefully it will be out like a lamb and more like spring.....

Paula said...

Thinking of you.

In the high 60's here.

Annie said...
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Anonymous said...

I like the winter and wish it would last. I know. I'm weird. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone mends quickly. Yes, DEFINITELY better to be home than in a dorm, yuck. Better to be home than ANYWHERE else, when you're sick, that's my thought.

March is in like a lion here, too... snow and sleet today. Oh, my poor flowers. They were feeling so brave. :(

Indoors we are snug, eating our chicken soup and reading good books. Hope you get to the good part of recuperating soon. :)

Renae said...

Oh, so sorry your sweeties are sick! I hope/pray they are better soon. And take care of yourself while you are nursing them - you don't need to get sick, too!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes for my dad. :-) Yes, it is a grand occasion!

Blessings t you, my sweet friend.


Anonymous said...

Hope they both get well really soon. Lots of love, Sally

rochambeau said...

Nurse Mom!!???
Well my prayers are that ALL will feel better. I have too had a cold, but am MUCH better!! It was NEVER horrible, just mildly irritating.
xox to you D!!
& God Bless!

qualcosa di bello said...

britt-arnhild...yes, indeed!

paula...i'd do backflips for 60F tonight!

annie...a walk in the rain...one of my favorite things!

maryann...nah, not weird at all. i like it too if i do not need to travel in it!

jen...yes, stay snug! you really were hammered over there.

renae...thank God i was not sick when they were in the throes of it (that's always tough)...they are mending now.

sally...thanks for the transatlantic love...right back at you! :D