28 January 2009

the things you accomplish...

...when your internet is down!!

let me tell you, my home management efficiency (& D.'s & the boys') went through the roof over the last week thanks to our internet service provider.

all the lawn care that has been neglected since the end of last summer~~ done! (our neighbors might just think new folks moved in!)

all, & i mean *all* the closets in the home~~ cleaned out!

my gi-normous stack of books~~ shrunk!

right after the snow event last week, our ability to get on the 'net everyday was impossibly slow or non-existent. at first i was peeved. then (after lengthy discussions with our provider's customer service) i turned off the computer & took a look around.

i think i just may have needed that break...very much.

lots of gratitude for...
125. the "schedule post" feature on blogger

126. warmer temperatures & a bit of sun

127. team boyworld helping around the house

& here's a bit of a treat for y'all...128. my favorite sunrise in january '09...


Scintilla said...

So true!!!
I was without internet 3 days and my house was suddenly spanking clean. And I didn't have any guilt complex about not blogging!
Then the technician arrived Tuesday morning to fix the connection - turns out that I'd put the telephone plug in upside down -grrrr...

Renae said...

Oh, your pictures! I think you must live near paradise!

I know what you mean about lack of internet and productivity. I need to be better about just turning it off!

But, here I am . . .

lissa said...

maybe I should try that but apparently I can't seem to live without my laptop...

thanks for the birthday wishes, I welcome them any time this January, I think perhaps people should celebrate their birthday for a whole month not just for that one day, anyway, thanks, and what a lovely sunrise!

somepinkflowers said...

that is the most perfect sunrise
of the year
peeking in at you

at peace
with your world.


so you ~~flowed~~
your last note to me helped me ~~flow~~
and Good Things Happened!

why do i need
to keep learning the same lesson
over and over?

when things do not go
according to plan,
i should just go

that is what i am thinking...


{{ oh happy day!
isn't life grand! }}

Dory said...

Good for you... getting some work done! woohooo

Lovely pic. Love it.

Catvibe said...

I might actually read a book if the internet went down. :-)

Paula said...

Beautiful sunrise......I'm still asleep.

Loved the comment about being beautiful by computer light....I love the feeling of comfort with a person.

Could you send the boy-units over to my place????? My yard is in need of major help.

qualcosa di bello said...

scintilla...ha ha!! you know, it usually is my error when it comes to technology, but not this time!! whew!

renae...yes, we do! here we all are...

lissa...aka the birthday girl~~ i raise a toast to the idea of a birthday month!!

spf...yes, clean a closet & the mind along with it! that's pretty much what i was doing ;-)

dory...it is satisfying to look up from the computer screen today & see the fruits of that week

cat...i know what you mean!

paula...boyworld really does know its way around the yard!