20 January 2009

freeze frame

ok, so first it was this...cool!~~ no, not like the hip people mean it...it really was cool like "it's-15F-but-it-feels-like-5F" cool.
fastforward 4 days & remember that we southern-dwellers panic with a few flurries~~ this is today...this was mid-morning...& this is now, a mere one hour later...Little Man is on top of it (forecasted 3-6 inches, **inches* not flakes, people!)...my steel magnolia is enjoying her new winter-wear...& i am hoping phil does not get lost in the white-out!...more photos later~~ for now i am resuming my place by the fire under blankie with deep, eternal gratitude for...
123. electricity &
124. heat!


Scintilla said...

Fab photos ! We had that freeze a couple of weeks ago. It went on forever!

Anonymous said...

We too have had that freeze...and the snow before and after...but perhaps you'd like it back? Although no, I tease you; I love it really!

Gorgeous photos, especially of Phil!! He has the gentlest of faces.

Keep warm!
Bella :)

luckyblueeyedgirl said...

I can't believe it snowed at your house we we got ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING, here! We were all ready for a day off by the fire with hot chocolate, a good book, and a warm blankie -- lots of long faces 'round here today. Thanks for your beautiful pics - at least we can enjoy what you see! :)

Paula said...

Those birds at the feeder are really interesting.

Many years ago I lived on Cape Cod and loved the look and feel of the ocean and the beach in winter....of course that is more that you bargained for in your neck of the woods.

Here in New Mexico we've got warm and balmy weather.....for a couple of days and then I think we're back to winter.

Take care, stay warm.

qualcosa di bello said...

scintilla...are you in southern italy???

bella...phil is the man! please take your freeze back...we southerners are like to die from it!

blueeyed BFF...i've got plenty for ya! please, please come & get it!!!!

paula...i love the beach in the winter, even with the unexpected snow!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the little angel... so beautiful and sweet.

Annie said...

OK. I bite. Is this REALLY North Carolina???? Holy Hannah.

erin :: the olive notes said...

beautiful photo of the frozen fountain!