16 September 2008

keeping me sane...

D. & mrs. T., you have no idea how much last weekend meant to me! missing that woman-child of mine could have easily overwhelmed me but your perfectly timed 3 day celebration was not a belated birthday...it was right on time!! & my gratitude knows no bounds...
108. after 6 hours on the road...a party!109. a whole day of lolly-gagging around...110. & a night of music...all phor charity ...that makes it even better!...111. with 2 of my very favorite bands...the blue dogs...112. & edwin mccain, of course...113. but wait, there's more...another day & this time it's all about the food!...114. & the rock star chef!...(i have the recipes to prove it!)...115. tyler florence plating your food!!!...(oh yes he did & it was phenomenal!!)...116. more food~~ we really did eat all day~~ with a bit o' edwin, again...117. & the grand finale...a homemade lavender gelato pajama party to cap off the night!...
my heart is singing with gratitude for the love & friendship we share!


Anonymous said...

lollygagger! haha ;)

luckyblueeyedgirl said...

i love you, my sister.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Lollygagging is my all-time favorite word, and I love doing as much of it as possible. Glad you got a chance too :)

somepinkflowers said...

you SO know how
to have a great time!


PLUS your shots
of the musicians so ROCK
they look like
professionally executed CD covers.

{{ i started to say
--->ALBUM<--- covers
and caught my old self! }}

Britt-Arnhild said...

Looks like alot is going on in your life right now. Everything filled with a happy colour palette.

Paula said...

This looks like a fun time.

Tomorrow I take off on a day trip to do the first of the New Mexico studio tours and I hope it is as much fun as you seem to have had here.

I just love that lollygaggin !!!!!!!

mama waples said...

you have such beautiful photos - each worth many thousand words.

-jeanne (aka mama waples)

Annie said...

Whoa! Someone was having some serious FUN.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - what a jetsetter you are. I'm living vicariously and enjoying myself. :)

Happy belated birthday!

qualcosa di bello said...

maryann...that is my very best activity!

blue eyed soul sistah...i love you back!!!

michelle...it rolls off the tongue so well...

spf...i preferred those album covers...larger photos!!!

britt-arnhild...a happy colour palatte...i like that!!!

paula..boun viaggio...can't wait to see photos from your journey

jeanne...bearer of my all time favorite blog header...thank you !!

annie...much needed fun it was!

jennifer...nah, that time it was via suburban rather than plane. i only wish i could have embedded sound in that post!