19 July 2008

when in roma...

...eat gelato!!!!! y'all know me too well ;-) because of course that was our first stop!now as for the flavor...Little Man eats solo limone! but his mamma tries many more gusti...almost always one of which involves cioccolato! we are currently exploring every gelaterie in roma & will let you know after the viaggio how we ranked them. & now...it is off to---you guessed it--- eat more gelato!!! ci vediamo...


somepinkflowers said...


i so knew it was gelato!

yipppeee! for you..


i saved all my little spoonies
{{ of cource i did }}
so i could keep track
of how many i had
over my entire holiday.

don't even ask how many total,
missy, don't even ask!

am enjoying your italy vicariously
carry on.....

Anonymous said...

I'm only waiting for my sweets...
to get home.
love ya,

Elle said...

I am so very, very jealous right now... the photos are gorgeous and the thought of gelato... mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

sigh... I'm looking at your gorgeous pictures with longing in my heart and the taste of the gelato on my tongue. Thank goodness for sweet memories.
Bella x

Bri said...

WOW - those pictures are incredible! Can't wait to hear more!

SabineM said...

haa nothing like Gelato in Italy! Not a huge ice cream fan, but grew up with Gelato...there is nothing like it! Enjoy...you can never eat too much...my favorite flavor Hazelnut

Anonymous said...

i'm a fellow gelato junkie...i usually find my favorite gelato options in firenze...however roma boasts some of my favs as well.

i'm sure you've seen the chain gelateria in roma called "Blue Ice," they're really good, especially their crepes con nutella :-)

Graziano said...

non ho ancora trovato un gelato tanto buono come il nostro gelato italiano, tu che ne dici che sei una donna internazionale?

qualcosa di bello said...

spf...what a totally fab idea (do you know how many of them i would have from this summer trip???...think: new backpack to get home!)

d...it is so good to be home! nothing is sweeter :)

elle...i'm thinking we bloggers should do a mass travel to the bel paese...what fun we could have!

bella...yeah, that gelato thing...sigh.

bri...i'll do my best to chronicle the travels, but that have backlogged!

sabine...you said it!!! there is no such thing as too much gelato! look for a post on this later!

eryn...i have taste-tested my way through roma e firenze on this trip & i will highlight some of that later.

graziano...e` vero!!!

Wicked H said...

If I never make it there, not a problem. The pictures took me right to it.