20 June 2008

gaggle of girlfriends...

...on the first day of summer! part of the soul sister circle is en route & the rest will be tomorrow, coming together for a weekend (& for a few, nearly a week!) of fun here by the bay. we will be celebrating lots of milestones, pressing lots of garlic(!!!), going horizontal on the dock to look for shooting stars, & if boyworld cooperates, eating lots of frutti del mare! (go guys!!!) i feel so very blessed to have this time upon me. it has been 2 years almost to the day of L.'s breast cancer diagnosis & the gratitude for this time is something i cannot begin to express.

just yesterday, while visiting mary ann, i stumbled upon a situation with a beautiful woman who needs help. please, if you have a moment...visit bri & keep her in your prayers! & give your bestest girlfriends an extra hug as soon as possible!


rochambeau said...

Hi friend,
What joy to celebrate life with L, Maryann and the Soul Sisters. It makes me smile to know you are having a delicious time with your family of friends!

ps SO happy for L!!!!!!!!

Claudia said...

you girlworld seem to deserve it!
enjoy! (I'm still planning for july, I'll let you know asap!

Leslie said...

I just spent the day with some girlfriends -- first at the gym, then out for lunch and then to the movies. There is nothing like a gaggle of girlfriends to keep a girl centered. Have a blast! And thanks for the links! Absolutely thrilled for L and thinking of Bri.


somepinkflowers said...

i hope you DO have
the bestest time, missy!


i bet i will here the laughter

i think i hear it NOW!

celebrate ~*LIFE*~

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for you- this will be a wonderful time for you and your girlfriends to recharge and renew and remember...Enjoy!!

It's good to hear positive news about L..I must visit the other lady you mentioned and will keep her in my prayers.

If you visit me you will read about little Callum- please keep him in your prayers whilst he fights his illness and light a candle for him too.

Bella x

Britt-Arnhild said...

The beat there is - a week-end with girlfriends :-)

Anonymous said...

g/f, thanks so much for a great weekend! (I only gained 3 pounds) :( I had to leave way too soon; but it was wonderful to be part of the "gaggle"! Tell the girls hello. See you soon :)