15 June 2008

father's day

last year i posted a tribute to my daddy, my hero. i miss him so much & it is, on days such as these, my fondest wish to pick up the phone or drive down the road & have a chat with him about things of ordinary days. since that is not possible any longer, i do what is. i take my cup of tea this evening to the quiet deck & i tell him the things of our ordinary day. i know he can hear this. but i do miss his replies, his laughter, his hugs, the smell of his soap. if your dad is still only a phone call or a short drive away...please dial or drive. relish in those moments of ordinariness. say those words that you wish you would say. hold that hug just a moment longer & savor it.
i do not mean to become so melancholy today. but rather i want you to embrace what is while it is...with joy! & i also want to wish a wonderful father's day to those in your lives.
D...this means you too! you were the first man i dated who i knew without a doubt would be an excellent father. & through the years you have never let me down in that...your tender hands holding our newborns, your strong arms lifting them up, your comforting hugs, your shoulder for cries, your firm & steady guidance, your wise words. your are the sure & steady leader of our family, our rock & foundation. we are blessed beyond imagining & we love you so much! happy father's day!!


the mother of this lot said...

I wish my dad was only a phone call away too.

luckyblueeyedgirl said...

g/f, your post made me tear up! I too miss my dad today and it's been 25 years! When you said you missed your dad's "soap", I could smell my dad, isn't that weird/great/crazy/or love?
(love the apartment!)

somepinkflowers said...

i think your daddy heard you,
i do,
as i've a feeling
*your* prayers go express-lane.


i spent the day
with my mom & dad.
lunch, gifts and laughter...

{ my 85-year-old dad stepped
in dog-poop
i had to clean his shoe.
me taking care of him.
i would not trade it
for ~~the world~~
so thank you little dog. }

Britt-Arnhild said...

Beautiful words.

And I am sure that your father's words and laughter still live visidly inside you.

Teri C said...

Such a beautiful and wonderful tribute. I totally related and wish he was only a phone call away also.

the teach said...

What a lovely Father's Day tribute! :D

Geraldine said...

I lost my mom a year ago in May. I feel and empathise with your pain and loss. I was very close to my mom (not with my dad). Huggs to you, take care and know that your dad is with you, always and every day.

Forgot to mention, this was a wonderful touching post. Well done.


Anonymous said...

I was quite tearful reading this..it was very moving, very poignant. I missed my dad so much on father's day...how I long for him sometimes, and what I would do for just a few moments more with him. The loss never really goes away.

Thank you for sharing this. Thinking of you
Bella x