24 May 2008

a very special birthday...

i am very honored to be a part of a special group of blogging women...SHE WHO BLOGS. this amazing group is very diverse, very talented, very caring...kept in tow by our fearless leader FRANCES, keeper of many blogs. please take a moment to stop by today & drop some wishes~~ SHE WHO BLOGS is celebrating one year today~~ big hugs to you, frances for all your efforts, your kind words, your bloglove. you are an amazing woman! (& a big shout-out to lissa for the blog redesign, just in time for the celebration~~ it is just beautiful!)

1 comment:

lissa said...

isn't it strange how we all got together but we live so far apart.

actually, Frances did the design, I just make the header and the cake graphic per her direction but thanks for the mention

and for the visits and lovely comments, sorry I haven't been commenting as much but I always enjoy your snap266 blog