16 April 2008

what's cooking wednesday...

oh, hons...you seriously did not think i was cooking today, did you?!? no, thank you very much! i much prefer to let sweet italian chefs prepare my scrumptious meals& other gorgeous italian men plate the food& serve it to me! in that spirit, i am officially callin' this a what's eating wednesday (apologies to shan!...love ya, hon!)!! recipes will resume after we return stateside. in the meantime if you should be hankering for a recipe today...please visit shan for the master list. if you would prefer a teaser of venetian culinary delights, keep scrolling down! buon appetito a tutti!!


erin said...

looks like you're having a WONDERFUL time! Love the photos... especially the first one - did he know you were taking that? It looks like you might have snuck it on him!

Beckie said...

Absolutely lovely - I want some of that cake.

Joy T. said...

MMMmmm!! And that's for the Italian Chef :o) The pictures are gorgeous and I should have had something to eat before looking at them. My mouth is watering now.

AnnieElf said...

I just occurred to me that you are in Italy and the Pope is HERE. How in the world did that happen?

I love the cup and saucer. If I were travelling again, I would try to get mugs or cups/saucers from everywhere I sipped at.

Great pictures.

somepinkflowers said...


bring home
some of everything
in that next to the last photo,
why don't cha?


yeah, the pope
sends his best blessings
for a safe trip....

qualcosa di bello said...

erin...wonderful is a good word! no, he was totally unprepared, but that is the fun part. he kept staring at me so i figured he deserved to be blogged! ;)

beckie...i'll be sure to stuff some in my bag!

joy...my thoughts EXACTLY!!

annie...yeah, how's that for irony!

spf...i sure will, & i will keep it in my bag for when i repack for FL!!!