30 March 2008

gifts from my daddy...

68. you hung my crayoned masterpieces all over your workspace, not caring that the first ones were only ever done in red (my red period...)

69. you patiently taught my young self how to grow radishes & tomatoes, how to tell the difference between the weeds & the vegetables & how to harvest & eat them, just-picked & perfect

70. you did not bat an eyelash when your grandchildren wanted to join the polar bear club on your 70th birthday...you were the first in the very cold pool! (& the last out too!)

71. you taught me how to bear sufferings patiently, still with a smile & a kind word for everyone around you.

72. you taught me what love looks like...how to be a good spouse, a good parent, a good sibling, a good friend. everyone felt important in your presence.

73. you taught me the value of good, honest, hard work...

74. & the value of time to relax & just putter around with something you love

75. you tried to teach me how to fix things like appliances & cars, but alas, i gave up! you taught me patience in that...& you did not make me feel like a failure. instead you pointed out things you could not do very well or at all. you taught me that we are each given our own precious gifts for our very own lives, unique & special.

76. you taught me to see the worth in every single person one meets...no one was ever beneath you. you never, ever went to town without a smile & kind word for literally everyone who crossed your paths.

77. you taught me about family relationships...never entering the fray of bickering caused by something that was misunderstood. you taught me diplomacy. you taught me that everyone carries a great burden. you taught me that the benefit of the doubt is always better than the pain of doubting.

i can still see your wind-blown hair fluttering in the sea breeze on your last visit to our home. i caught a glimpse of you looking out to sea & i saw something in your eyes that made me long to see what you could. in a moment you turned to see a treasure brought to you by your grandson. you got down on your haunches (never minding the pain) & gave him that precious gift of your undivided attention, the sparkle of wonder in your eyes. then you rose & took his hand, seeking for the jewels paved on life's everyday road.

i miss you but your gifts live on.

happy birthday daddy!


bleeding espresso said...

Such gorgeous gifts from your daddy! Happiest of birthdays wherever he might be celebrating ;)

Wicked H said...

Fabulous gifts! This one made me cry but in a good way.

rochambeau said...

You are so lucky to have such a wonderful father to give you such a multitude of fine and true gifts Quelqosa!! You describe a father who loves his child. Your papa gave you the special gift of knowing that no matter what, he loves YOU. There is a power in that. A security that we sometimes don't realize we own. His love is part of who your are and lives on!
I say a prayer for your papa today and
From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your prayers! I even can feel them.

the mother of this lot said...

There is nothing as wonderful as a father's gifts to his daughter, especially if they live on in her.

Karen Cole said...

How beautifully written. I've been away and have missed so much here.

You are so lucky to have received all of these incredible gifts from your dad. I lost mine when I was 22. I remember how much fun he was.....crazy "uncle Louey" to my cousins.

When is your trip? I forget.

Karina said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful tribute to your dad, and what a blessing to have learned so much and have been loved so well.

SabineM said...

HOw beautiful and touching! Gorgeous gifts. What an amazing man!

qualcosa di bello said...

sognatrice...i am sure of it! i still miss his hugs though...

wicked...next time i'll put a tissue box in the sidebar ;)

constance...he was/still is an amazing man & i am so grateful for your prayers. you can be assured of mine for your dear momma in this time...she is on my list for every morning prayer.

jackie...i will always be my daddy's girl...

karen...i am so sorry to hear that your daddy passed on when you were so young...it sounds like his legacy is quite strong though! (we leave in 9 days...)

karina...that is what i think every time i read your sweet family musings...stay close to them; it is the beauty of this life!

sabine...that is exactly it!!!