07 February 2008


...cold science edition!

"did you know that the ice in antarctica is 3% penguin urine?"

i am wondering...just *who* studied & compiled that little statistic?? is it true?

but...speaking of penguins (& science & the boys), they are a critter mightily enjoyed in our home. at least 2 of us claim them as one of our very favorite animals. on several occasions i have even been asked to house one of those dapper little guys right here in eastern NC. but since i don't do ice as floor decor, the answer will remain a chilly "no"...

however we have found a way to show penguins the love without assigning them a bedroom in casa piacere...our friend mike, who studies on magdalena island in southern chile (note to beckie...volunteering, if possible, to help mike is on my own bucket list!) works with the marvelous magellanic penguin. we found him through seabirds.org & have since adopted our very own penguin~~ waffle!(waffle in burrow, courtesy of mike) mike has been very helpful in our own study of these penguins and southern south america & its weather. his very detailed updates on waffle & the colony (including sweet photos) & his patient answers to our queries are always appreciated. in his most recent update we found out that waffle's chicks are doing well & he even attached an adorable photo...

aaaawwwww!...aren't they sweet! (waffle's chicks courtesy of mike) be sure to visit seabirds.org & check out what else mike is doing.

30. kindness to critters

31. the joy of & desire for learning...a thirst for knowledge...a quest to expand the mind

32.. those who willingly & excellently teach us in so many ways

33. a good laugh in the midst of perplexion :-)


Karen Cole said...

Ya gotta love those little guys.

Great post.

Great list.

Thanks so much for the lovely birthday greetings that are very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

He is adorable! What a great thing to do. I took my children to a wildlife park a few months ago and since then, my daughter has been longing to adopt a tiger. I would love to, they are such an endangered species.

Really enjoyed this post!

ANawtyMouser said...

LOL, I read the 3% of ice in Antarctica aloud to my Earth Science class. You should have heard them roar... It was a good "ice breaker" as it was into our class yesterday. Thanks! I do not know if it is true or not, but it seems plausible! :) Carol

rochambeau said...

Thanks for showing me your foster Penguins (and being a foster Mother)! Penguins are on my top ten for the sweetest looking animals!
Happy weekend!

somepinkflowers said...

these penguins are
so sweet looking,
sweeter smelling i bet
than my yard of armadillos.


i am enjoying your listing
of gifts
and wanted you to know
i am taking many numbers to heart.

like # 33 there.
yes, that one, today...

Anonymous said...

ok..that makes sense..the % of penquin..you know..haha

Britt-Arnhild said...

They are really cute. And so funny!

qualcosa di bello said...

karen...they are the sweetest lil creatures! hope you had a splendid day!

bella...i hope you blog your tiger if you do adopt!

mouser...that's what it think too, but i do not have solid data to substantiate this ;)

constance...i never thought of myself as such, but hey, i am!

spf...#33 comes up a lot during the day!

maryann...& even if it's not true, it still seems possible

britt-arnhild...exactly! i enjoyed your conducting penguin immensely!