15 December 2007

to do

is anyone else out there wallowing in the joy of the season?? i was not blogging last year at this time (i was only lurking!) & so i did not wake up mornings during Advent saying to myself, "i will blog this 'n that" only to collapse into bed a bit later than usual saying to myself, "oops i was too busy & am now too tired to blog this 'n that!" my blog is teaching me things about myself...even though i am striving to keep this Advent season quiet & thoughtful, i am still much, much busier than i hoped to be. but i will take it all with joy!

Baby Girl is home! for a month! that is such a gift to us...her smile lights up the house like the lights on the Christmas tree & she makes a mean cup of evening tea for our talk times.

Boyworld & K-Bug are still in exam mode...one more to go for K-Bug & a few more for the boys early next week. i keep hearing..."when are we baking cookies???" the cookie bake is like a dangling carrot being used to encourage studying! (i can't wait to bake either!!)

next weeks "to do" list is forming in my head & it looks something like this:

1. get those boys to the end of their school quarter

2. breathe **huge** sigh of relief (even the teacher is ready for Christmas break!)

3. bake cookies till the counters overflow

(4. eat cookie dough on the sly)

5. finish decorating the tree...it only has lights right now!

6. light some candles every night & steep in the moments of quiet that present themselves

i like that list. very much.


sognatrice said...

Your list looks lovely to me as well...wish I were home for a month having evening tea with my mom (although she'd have to have coffee) ;)

I just started baking cookies today...so fun!!!! Two varieties down, four to go :)

Suz said...

sounds like a lovely plan. peace and happy advent!

Cre8Tiva said...

you came just a few minutes too soon this morning...i have something very special for you at my blog today...blessings, rebecca

Leslie said...

What a wonderful list! I love that you are wallowing in the holidays and not stressing like so many of us.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I have to start my cookie baking as well. I have the tins out and ready, but just waiting for the right moment to begin :)

rochambeau said...

Dear Bello~Bella,
You have a plan. That is your key!
It was kind of rough going for a bit (for me), but things are in balance now, thankfully!!!!!!

So glad you have your family! ;-) that your daughter is home. I loved making cookies all day with my Mom. It was wonderful! Merry Christmas! I'll be back!

qualcosa di bello said...

sognatrice...i wish i could have tea & cookies with my mom too. i really miss that & am so glad my daughter likes to carry on the tradition... be sure to tell about those cookies!!

suz...so far it is lovely. advent blessings to you too!

rebecca...you will make me cry! i did just miss you. twice in one week for this is overwhelming!

leslie...oh there is some stress...i'm just ignoring it & hoping it will go away until january ;)

maryann...ms. la dolce vita! i hope you are sharing some of those recipes!! pretty please!

constance...so glad to hear you had some baking time with your momma! how is she??

Karina said...

There is on other time of year when I feel absolutely overwhelmed with how busy I am, and yet, am smiling and happy through it all.

Yes, this time of year can certainly be way too busy, but I love the spirit of the season and would do it every month if it meant I could carry this feeling throughout the year.