12 November 2007

homeward bound...

30 days of thanks...& travel...together...
after this weekend, i almost do not know where to start...i am *that* grateful! right now, as i am writing this, we are about to enter our last leg of the journey home. on journeys, i am first & foremost, grateful for safe travels, & this early morning as we are packing, i am very mindful of that.

for this journey, i am also grateful that all six of us could spend a part of our time together. Baby Girl was on the way & so we are nearby her campus this morning, privileged to grab some coffee with her before her first class. She was the hospitable host for part of the weekend for her baby sister, K-Bug, & one of her baby brothers, Big Bro. aaaaahhhhh...a taste of college life for the two of them!

gratitude for friends on the journey~~ old & new...first the old. our dear, sweet friends, the T.'s, who live between Baby Girl's school & the Weather Channel, were our fabulous hosts for most of the weekend. there is no place i would have rather stayed! Mrs. T. & i met when we were white belts in tae kwon do. both of us were there because our children were interested (the crazy things you do for your children!) & by some strange phenomenon, all of us (all 10...her entire family & mine) struggled onward together in this wonderful martial arts program to become black belts!we were not only gaining valuable skills & physical conditioning, we were forging a friendship of a lifetime.

new friends...a.k.a. people who are very kind to my child. i am completely & totally floored by the reception Little Man received on his visit to the Weather Channel. Rodney, one of their very flexible cameramen, was our gracious host. when someone takes a genuine interest in the dreams of one of my children & takes the time to do what he did, words fail me. we saw everything we possibly could. we had explanations that went above & beyond in terms of helpfulness. we met other wonderful weather folks whose passion about their work was inspiring for all of us. each & every person took a moment from their busy schedules to really talk to Little Man, to answer his questions, to share their joys, to encourage his dreams. what more could a mother want? Rodney, Dave & Jeff...you are our weather-heroes & Little Man's inspirations! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

gratitude for the beauty of the journey...this trip found us literally driving into fall.when we left the coast under brilliant fall sunshine, the trees were predominantly green (actually very typical year-round for our area) with an occasional splash of fall vibrance from a sporadic sugar maple. by the time we had reached the foothills of SC, the trees were on fire!reds, oranges, golds~~every imaginable shade of them. this is the one thing i miss since we moved to the NC southern coast. but it is easily remedied by weekends such as this one! ;)

gratitude for a moment of peace in the middle of the busy-ness on the journey...Baby Girl's campusis an absolute oasis for road warriors. i love this place. a lot. when we arrived here yesterday from SC, she & her baby sister were out & about, so i parked the guys in front of the football game in our hotel room & headed for campus to do, as frances would say, a photostroll.perfect light. perfect quiet. a moment to recollect & savor.soon it was back to the crazy fun, as we all went to Mass & dinner.

and finally...yesterday was the official day but today holds many celebrations & remembrances...today i am so very grateful for our veterans who have fought (& died) to keep us safe & free.


Sunflower said...

um..i'm on college everyday...so i already had a taste haha. lol. love u.

qualcosa di bello said...

SF....hahahahahah!!! ok, so now you have a taste of dorm apt life!!! ;)