24 April 2009

beach glass

walking along the sand
bag in my hand
with thoughts to clean
my storm-pounded beach
as best i can.
i started my walk
wind in my hair
sun on my back
eyes drawn to pieces of this and that,bottles and cans purged from the sea
i would retrieve
as i walked along my soul was quieted
lulled by the rhyming waves
my worries took flight in the wind
i began to see beyond
that which did not belong
drawn to the intricacies of shell
colors of water and sand
cockeyed looks of seabirds standing by
and the majestic pelican's graceful glide
with him i felt my spirit fly.
i still gathered the sea's
unwanted debris
but my mind had shifted in thought
to the acres of diamonds
right under my feet.


Annie said...

So lovely Deb. Funny you should post sea glass. Last Sunday I saw broken bright blue glass in the church parking lot. I told Don I liked the color so much that I wished I had a glass/rock tumbler so I could make my own sea glass.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I love to collect sea glass. I have a special bowl with smal pieces from Lindisfarne.

somepinkflowers said...

i love this, too.
how life tumbles off
the sharp edges
of broken things.


qualcosa di bello,

Anonymous said...

A very natural and evocative piece of poetry. Cheers.