03 November 2007

finding my way...

30 days of thanks...

well, this morning we are greeted with the calm after the storm. hurricane Noel is moving away from us & i must say i am most grateful that we did not receive a direct hit from this storm nor any others this season. along these lines i am also very grateful for Little Man's passion for all things weather. it is such a joy to see your children live their passion in a positive way.

woo hoo!! we have finally matched the dates with locations for our spring italian travel adventure!! now some fun begins... lodging in roma is secured. in umbria we at least have an idea of where to stay. but venezia...too many good things here!

our last stay in venezia we required lodging for 6...& between the rialto & piazzo san marco we found this little gem...la foresteria. they made us comfy in an 8 bed canal-view room that had 2 private bathrooms just a scoot across the hall. the only downside for D. & i was the lack of a double bed ;) but we made do! the price for our lodging was extremely reasonable. and location, location, location! we were right in the middle of where we wanted to be for our first visit to venezia.

but now, for some reason, i am holding back...exploring other places, feeling a bit more adventurous. we shall see...
poetry...today's offering here!

and with that, i am off to the "big city" with D. for some overdue errands (including purchasing an updated book on venezia a la rick steves) & some coconut shrimp at our favorite thai restaurant!

buon giorni a tutti!!


Karen Cole said...

WOW.....a trip to Italia!!! I'm so excited for you. When I have time sometime this weekend, I will head over to Sognatice and find out more about the Italian Lovers blog.

The places you are staying look great. I know what you mean regarding trying something new, once in awhile, though. I am looking forward to watching your process unfold.

Thanks so much for your comments re. blogging and kids.

Have a great weekend.

Shan said...

I'm excited to hear about your trip. How great for you!

sognatrice said...

Sounds like such a fun day! And, of course, woohoo Italia!

qualcosa di bello said...

karen...i may need to consult with you about that spring adventure! your children's blogs are fantastic!

shan...stay tuned...& thanks for your recipes that are so simple & do-able when live is crazy!!

sognatrice...i'm just sorry we don't have the time to go south too.