17 October 2007

something's fishy around here...

i cannot believe, as i type this, that today is wednesday already! time is flying by all too quickly some weeks...& the school year is my best evidence of the passage of time. Baby Girl (& Hedge) will be home for her fall break later today! that means that her first semester of sophomore year is half way over. wow! & it also means a long weekend filled with lots of fun! she saw the boyworld post of last weekend & decided that it looks a lot like girlworld too...so we will again be fishing!

K-Bug just finished her fall break...she is also half way through her first semester of freshman year. but what did K-Bug do on break? work. lots of work! both at her job & with her art. it is not unusual to see her spread out over the entire table deep into creative endeavors like this one...the boys are also at their half way mark for their first semester, which means that after a weekend packed with lots & lots of fun, they are settled into their exam week. so far, so good...that something fishy is not the boys...they are doing a marvelous job with their school work! they still have a few more exams to go...one being Big Bro's dreaded latin exam...wish him well on that one!

now, as some of you may remember, exam weeks can be grueling! it helps to build in some time to release the stresses & one of the rewards of a great fishing weekend is, of course, what you get to eat. for the girls & one of the boys this is so very true!

this what's cooking wednesday is a very fishy affair... our fresh catch of the day!

Pan Fried Bluefish
*beat 1-2 eggs in a bowl, set aside
*in another bowl, mix seasoned bread crumbs (i use Food Lion's italian crumbs), fresh ground pepper, sea salt, & fresh grated parmesan
*heat extra virgin olive oil in a pan...then add finely diced garlic, saute til soft
* add finely chopped basil to saute for just a moment
*dredge fillets of the bluefish in the egg, coat with the bread crumb mix, then place in pan...fry til flesh is white

very simple, very tasty! substitute any fresh fish...my personal favorite is flounder, but that was not to be this week. we work with whatever the sea shall yield! next up in my kitchen will be spanish mackerel!


Cre8Tiva said...

i love the recipe...i will make it sometime soon...fun with the kids too...how good that sounds to me...blessings, rebecca

somepinkflowers said...

Spanish mackerel?
oh, man...

man, oh, man....

my personal favorite!


can i get one serving delivered
to north florida?

[[ i would even meet you half way ]]

rochambeau said...

Thank you for the recipe! Sounds yumm. Hope all the studying goes well. Have fun today


eb said...


that sure looks good...

xox- eb.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I am a Fish Eater :-)
Have never heard of Bluefish though......we might have another name for it in Norway.

Karina said...

Wow, that's quite the artwork! Very nice.

I just posted on my blog about the fact that I've never been fishing. I think one of these days I may have to head out and do it...although now, I may have to wait until the winter is over, unless I want to take up ice fishing! haha...

qualcosa di bello said...

rebecca...it was very, very, very tasty!

spf...i would bring it the whole way for pinkflowers!! :D

constance...exams are over,,,whew! & the fish was not fishy at all...just yummy!


britt-arnhild...bluefish may also be called "chopper fish" or "tailor fish"...they are not a first rate eat, but if you eat them within 24 hours of the catch & clean the dark meat away, they really are quite nice...spanish mackerel is oh so much better (ask spf!!)

karina...thank you...i will tell k-bug. & yes, go fishing. asap. it is therapy!