29 October 2007

monday menutia

buon giorno a tutti!
i had hoped to spend a weekend visiting friends’ blogs, conjugating italian verbs, researching lodging in venezia, polishing/submitting papers that are just about due, & preparing for NaBloPoMo.

our internet provider had other ideas…guess which one of the above i actually accomplished to my satisfaction??

if your answer involved futuro, passato prossimo e trapassato prossimo, you guessed correctly!

after a week of very limited time to be on the internet & a weekend with an uncooperative internet provider (slow when it worked)...i am missing y’all!!!!!

& i’m beginning to wonder about my capability to do a daily blog post for NaBloPoMo…but i will, at the very least, be posting on my word processor to cut-&-paste when i am able! (someone remind me why i write that way-too-large check to my cable company…)

oh well.

the concept of posting everyday for a month is invigorating & i am looking forward to the creativity of those participating. Cre8tiva really inspired me over the last month with her creative reinvention & I have been following along with my own poetry (I only wish I could create visual art with a fraction of the beauty that Rebecca does). She inspired me to use NaBloPoMo to do some writing exploration – experimenting with some other forms of poetry I have not used in years & opening 2 books on my “please read me” shelf to hone my writing in general…if you want to write by Brenda Ueland & fruitflesh: seeds of inspiration for women who write by Gayle Brandeis.
i am also, in honor of our thanksgiving holiday 22 november, participating in 30 days of thanks (a NaBloPoMo group) & to get myself on the stick with travel/italy (also NaBloPoMo groups) working on travel notes: past, present & future. our trip is fast approaching, but aside from the purchased airline tickets & a plan of where we want to be, i have done nothing!

in other places...sognatrice alerted me to this intriguing place to visit for hallowe'en:

did you know there will be a ball on hallowe'en? indeed! the bloglandia ball was such a smashing success that it simply must be repeated for this occasion, because, as you know...ghouls just wanna have fun! be sure to don a mask & drop by on the 31st.

howl-oween antics are already in the making at chez piacere...phil may be a dog, but he is in on the fun too!

speaking of all hallow's eve antics...stay tuned for some boyworld celebration of that night of revelry. i promise you will not be disappointed!

now, go bob for some apples :)


Roam2Rome said...

Yey, holiday links! I'll check them out :) I'm trying to jump into the holiday spirit, too. November's coming! are you ready for NaBloPoMo? That should be quite something...

Cre8Tiva said...

oh i thank you for the wonderfully kind words about my 30-day process...it has been chalenging in many wyas...but very rewarding for me...i hope it has been for ou also...i'll be dancing at the party...blessings, rebecca

lissa said...

Sounds like you're going to be very busy in November.I'm not participating in NaBloPoMo but in the NaNoWriMo.

You're quite creative not only in writing but in photography.

Good luck on NaBloPoMo. I'll probably be visiting you.

qualcosa di bello said...

romanroamer...yes i am ready!! & i can't wait...the spirit of NaBlo is quite infectious...

rebecca...it truly has...your posts motivated me everyday! & your art...just wow!!!

lissa...thank you so much! i look forward to reading your novel. are you adding your beautiful photos to it?

lissa said...

I don't think I will be adding photos unless I felt it fits the occasion.

Good luck!