03 October 2007

chicken soup for the blogger's soul...

a few what's cooking wednesdays ago, our dear fairy blogmother was feeling under the weather. sadly at that time it was still hovering around 90 degrees here by the bay & my nifty lil' camera was lacking the support photos, so i couldn't do a special get-well soup for shan. well, we recently had a shift in temperature, a circulating first-of-season cold & leftover chicken that inspired me to get moving on this recipe. so if you are feeling under the weather, this one's dedicated to you!

*heat some extra virgin olive oil in a stock pot...add diced garlic, red onion & celery...saute until softened.
*add chicken broth, chopped celery leaves, diced carrots, green beans, sliced squash, & diced canned tomatoes...cook til veggies are tender.
*add diced cooked chicken
*season with fresh ground pepper, sea salt, tumeric, & curry...all to taste
*for the amounts of veggies & broth, i vary it to taste & amount of chicken i have for the soup...be creative & experiment with amounts that please you!

buon appetito!


Leslie said...

Wow! That looks wonderful! (And Weight Watcher friendly) Funny, that every blog I visit tonight has someone cooking or eating something yummy. Must be the settling-in of fall.

Shan said...

Oh I definitely could have used some of this. Thanks for thinking of me.

rochambeau said...

Sounds delish!
Hope the fairy Blogmother feels much better!

Karen Cole said...

It truly sounds yummy. It's early morning and I am hankering for some soup. I agree with Leslie, it must be a fall thing because it's still pretty hot in my neck of the woods.

Where are you headed in Bella Italia??? Lucky you!

Beckie said...

Love that bowl! Fire King Jadite?

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yeah, that header is from the heart mums. Good eye!

bermudabluez said...

Looks so good!!! Great Blog!!

qualcosa di bello said...

leslie...it is a very waistline friendly fare & perfect for fall too!

shan...hope you're feeling better!

constance...grab a spoon!

karen...welcome back!!!! & grab a spoon too. we're going to see friends in roma, having time alone in venezia, & visiting judith from think on it.

beckie...good eye..yes it is! i just love that color green.

bermudabluez...thanks for stopping by...i'm off to visit you!

Quietpaths said...

This looks delicious; I'm going to try it Saturday. Thank you!