17 September 2007


have you seen this cowboy?? i know i have! i've seen him taking his first steps in a pair of bib overhalls. i've seen him in all his blonde, curly-headed glory tellin' the best story you could possibly imagine. i've seen him in his brand-new cowboy vest & boots, rarin' to go to a square dance (thought i forgot about that one, did you??). i've seen him with his jaw on the floor when he heard his uncle & i wailing our own spectacular version of "play that funky music white boy." i've seen him reel in some awesome fish from penn's creek. i've seen him strum my BFF's & i to sleep by the fire with that guitar of his. i've seen him learn my favorite guitar solo by the goo goo dolls. i've seen him be a most patient hero to my very young & inquisitive boys. i've heard his gift for writing music & lyrics. i've seen him grow into a man who is now off to college.

can you really be 21 today???

happy birthday JD!!!!

stay safe & have fun...

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