05 September 2007

special weather bulletin...

we interrupt this week's what's cooking wednesday to bring you a special weather statement. Little Man has been tracking this baby for 3 or 4 days, telling us we need to keep our eyes on the development. i am starting to listen a bit more closely...hurricane hunters are investigating the disturbance right now. & the computer models are getting the attention of our local media, forecasting anything from a tropical storm to a cat 2 hurricane with landfall in the Carolinas. hmmmm....

we are now in our first "watch & see" time for the '07 season...it's that time when you start to peruse your evacuation "to do" list (i created it the first season we were here & i am so glad because i know i would forget something in the middle of a crisis).

you look around your yard & deck, wondering when to bring things inside (i do mean *everything* for if it is left outside, it could become a projectile).

you start the back-&-forth scenario in your head: take the boat out, no wait, take the boat out, no wait.

you go over evacuation routes in your head (which way do i go??).

you go to the store for water & batteries, the stockpile of which will get you through an entire year without a hurricane.

you lovingly pat your generator when you pass by.

you set weather underground as your boot-up page (our family's weather forecasting preference online since 1998).

EVERYONE asks Little Man what the lastest updates are saying!

& you pray...that it goes gently out to sea, harming no one in its travels.

today is just gorgeous here by the bay...not a cloud in the sky...

could the weekend bring skies like this?
(taken 8/10/07, by the bay, edge of a severe thunderstorm with some cloud rotation evident, Little Man, in true meteorologist fashion is in the middle of it, just like Jim Cantore!)

my hurricane season prayer...Psalm 107:29:"He hushed the storm to a gentle breeze, and the billows of the sea were stilled."


Karina said...

I could never live anywhere where hurricanes hit...just the thought of them scare the crap out of me.

I'll say a prayer this one heads off to sea quietly!

sognatrice said...

Scary stuff, cara; hope all is well :)

tongue in cheek said...

My prayers are being said. My candle is lite. Godspeed.

qualcosa di bello said...

karina...living here is a huge trade-off...lots of beauty most of the year & a few days/weeks of serious weather-stress. you pay your insurances & say your prayers, always with an eye to the sea.

sognatrice...i will keep you posted

corey...i am so grateful!!

Britt-Arnhild said...

These clouds are amazing. I pray that you will stay safe.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Wooops, I mixed thew cut and paste in my comment just seconds ago. It was me, not ParisBreakfast who wrote it.....and here is my link:

qualcosa di bello said...

britt-arnhild...thank you for your visit & prayers - all very appreciated!

& i *love* your blog...very beautiful stuff!!