08 September 2007

midday update...

after a calm & peaceful sunrise with a waxing moon (upper right center of photo),we are currently seeing clouds begin to move in with an average wind speed of 8.3 mph & gusts to 10 mph, according to Little Man's weather station here by the bay. the beach was much the same with wave heights around 5 ft & obvious rip currents.all in all, this is still much like any windy day here, except, of course, today we have the weather channel crew here with us! conditions are expected to get a little spicy in the evening & overnight.

they have just issued the official "tropical storm warning" for our county & we are shortly headed back to the beach to check on the wave action. (Big Bro is trying to convince me that he should surf in this, but i'm sticking with "no"!)

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