07 August 2007

summer's bounty

here by the bay we are busy-crazy (as K-Bug has taken to calling it)...D.'s parents are on their way from the Coal Region bearing pierogies (some of you are now salivating heavily!). i do not envy that drive today!

the Queen of the Kitchen (a.k.a. me) is furiously trying to prepare things in an attempt to avoid adding any heat to the day's expected high of 96 degrees with a lovely heat index of 109. (watch out for blogging Little Man & a weather update with Thursday's forcasted high (actual) of 98 degrees & heat index over 110)

i'm melting...please pass the gelato!

the hound patrol is in full dog days mode. they are sleeping it off in the shadiest, coolest parts they can find.

and...Baby Girl is packing. Saturday, a caravan (because that is what it takes to move this child into her apartment) is pulling out of the driveway & trekking across our state. it is back to college time & this momma is a bit weepy. Baby Girl will be so very missed. but what a paradox, because this momma is also so very proud! that child is an excellent student, hard worker, happy at her school, & she has lots of sweet friends. what more could i want for her?!?!

so if Piacere seems a bit quiet some days over the next week or two...now you know why! but on the other hand, blogging my just be the thing that keeps me smiling!


Shan said...

Hope you can manage to stay cool. Enjoy your visit. I hope you enjoy the recipes!

sognatrice said...

Um, are those Mrs. T's? Because if they are, lie to me....

I remember moving back to college well. I do hope you keep cool *and* keep your cool--tough time for Baby Girl too, I'm sure.

Love the photo btw!

JennieBoo said...


I adore strawberries! (love the pic)

Chill out, girl!

Happy Tuesday!

somepinkflowers said...

am sitting here eating strawberries
when i cruise over
to your blog


how cool is that?
i love when that kind
of stuff happens!


Frances said...

I know how I felt when my one and only Baby Girl got married and moved away three years ago.
Take care,

qualcosa di bello said...

shan...what would i be doing without your recipe help??? thanks again!

sognatrice...not mrs. T's, but *homemade*!!! can you say carb overload!!

jennie...i am as chill as one can be with a heat index of 110.

SPF...serendipity is so cool!

Frances...thanks for the cyber empathy! parenting is just plain bittersweet!