03 August 2007

carpe dentum

last week at the dentist's office...

Dr. B: Yeah, you really did a number on your tooth.

Me (with lots of tools & cotton in my mouth): arfuafhfhagef

Dr. B: I see. Now I'm just going to drill with this and gouge with that and splash a lot of water around while my daring assistant slurps up the mess.

Me: afflfllsfalfldls

Dr. B: Very good. If it hurts, just let me know.

Me (eyebrows shoot up, intensified gaze): AFLFLSLSLFLSF!! (i am not a fan of dental pain)

Dr. B: That's right. (resumes working on my poor tooth) Remind me again, where was it you were supposed to go...

Me: fofkm

Dr. B: Oh yes, Rome. Well, this is hardly a fair exchange.

Me: fmafdskfda (translation...ya think??!?!!)

On the next visit remind me to tell Dr. B.to stick a poster of the the Fontana di Trevi on his ceiling!!


Karina said...

This made me laugh out loud. Of course, I was laughing WITH YOU, not at you! Why do dentists insist on trying to carry on a conversation with you while all their tools are in your mouth?

sognatrice said...

I do hope that your dentist's sparkling wit was offered free of charge....

Like Bugs Bunny said: always a wise guy ;)

JennieBoo said...

Oh, God bless you. I detest going to the dentist. Uggghhhh....

And to think we PAY for the aggrevation!

Hope you have a happy weekend, anyhow.

susan said...

I've never understood why the dentist thinks small talk is a good idea.

Hope everything is better now.

Wicked H said...

Don't you wonder how they know what you are saying???

I am petrified of the dentist. Hope all is better now!

somepinkflowers said...

the more it hurts
the more you pay!

why is that?

how do you think dentists
can afford to go to Rome...