23 July 2007

Baby Girl in the big city

we interrupt this regularly scheduled blog...

Baby Girl has left on a jet plane. alone.

on her way to the big city.

now, i am not a fan of airport goodbyes (unless *i* am the one getting on the plane - and even then i hope that the gang is all with me!), so today was a bit, um, shall we say, challenging for this momma, & this is true for several reasons.
#1 - it's hard to see the 8 pound 6 ounce Baby Girl go out into the big, scary world. (ok, so the girl does go to college, but this is different!)
#2 - it's hard for me, a card carrying TSI member (hey, SPF!), not to go too.
#3 - she is going to one of the greatest cities on earth (Frances, if you are reading this, she's heading in your general direction!!) - refer to #2 above!

but it it not all sad. i am so proud of her & her adventurous spirit! oh, how i remember the severity of wanderlust i possessed at her tender yet crazy age. i think of all the fun to be had & know she will come home so much the better. travel & the road-wisdom acquired on the way will do that to you.

and she is going to see her crazy-cool girlfriend!! (holla, R!!!)

now, girls...a little "listen to momma" moment!...watch your wallets, watch each others' backs, don't take candy (no matter how yummy the chocolate looks!) from strangers, & most importantly (dad says) all boys are bad!

that said, remember to live every moment as it truly is...a precious gift!

see you on the flip-side, Baby Girl! love, momma


Frances said...

New York is waiting with open arms.
Email me pronto if she needs a helping hand with anything.
Sending blog love your way,

Beckie said...

Ahh, that was sweet. I wish I was getting on a big jet plane and going somewhere...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Shan said...

What a sweet post!

For the record I hate airport good byes too.

qualcosa di bello said...

frances,,,you sweet sweet thing! I heart NY...& you too!

C said...

mom you are too funny. we both cracked up when you said not to take candy from strangers! love and miss you!

somepinkflowers said...


you must be so proud
{and a bit weepy}

you have giving her the best advice!

she should know by this age
to bring the candy home to YOU!


JennieBoo said...

She'll be FINE!

Frances'll take good care of her.

You're such a good momma!

Calabrisella said...

Che bel post!
you made my eyes water!...and you made me laugh...and im at work... my co-workers keep looking at me funny...


qualcosa di bello said...

i just knew you girls would understand this woman-heart thing! thanks for the blog TLC! & yes, SPF...she's been trained well...momma is most happy with chocolate in hand!