27 June 2007

what's cooking wednesday...cookout edition!

oh my, i do love grillin' season! it combines the best of D.'s & my culinary efforts...i marinade and prep...he grills the eats to perfection! (plus he looks mighty fine standing there waiting to flip things!)

and the aroma of things being grilled...! don't get me started.

this week i was craving a dish that i normally do not grill, but i just could not bear the thought of turning on the oven with our temperatures in the 90s, and so i simply adapted it to the grill...my, but it was so very tasty and oh-so-much cooler.

before the recipe...a little background info: i took a cooking class several years ago in Tuscany. D. & I were staying with a group at a villa where grapes and olives were grown. We were there on the cusp of harvest and i believe that i may have just been in heaven for that week. the sweet villa-keeper, Lucia, offered a cooking class that was both hands-on and demo, outdoors and in...on a perfect afternoon. i was completely mesmerized by the whole thing - the simplicity of ingredients, the combinations of flavors, the making of pasta from scratch. it is a wonder that i remembered to take any notes at all, but fortunately i did occasionally jot down a thing or two. Lucia and her small crew presented the culinary delights by the fire in the main room later that evening, and i am so very sure that it was the most perfect meal i have ever eaten (with only one exception being the Boyd Mountain Bass 'n Salad at the cabin! but that's another wednesday!)

when i brought this recipe home and tried it out on my guinea pigs, the results were spectacular! and the children gave the dish a name...Kickin' Tuscan Chicken! (i'm not sure what exactly the chicken is kickin', but i believe it may be the backside of my other chicken dishes!)

Honestly, it was the fulfillment of a serious dream - and dreams are not nearly as much fun unless they are SHARED! I was so happy to bring this recipe home and make it part of our rotating meals. and today, it is so much fun to share it with YOU on What's Cooking Wednesday...

Kickin' Tuscan Chicken - Grilled

introducing the participants...

*Chicken (white meat, boneless)... marinade amount you desire for 2 or more hours in extra virgin olive oil, white wine, salt, pepper, fresh chopped garlic...add rosemary if desired.

*Lay a large piece of tin foil on the counter, place several pieces of marinaded chicken in center (must be able to easily wrap chicken up for the grill, so do not put too much chicken on foil - use more pieces of foil for remaining chicken)

*lay baby carrots and chopped celery around chicken - amounts are your preference

*chop red onion and garlic...spread over chicken

*lay sprigs of fresh rosemary & sage over chicken

*season to taste with fresh ground pepper & sea salt

*drizzle the whole thing with some extra virgin olive oil and a bit of white wine

*tightly wrap the whole thing in the foil and grill til you're happy!

(this is easily done stove-top in a deep frying pan, covered or in the oven, also covered. for stove or oven you may need more olive oil than on the grill.)
Buon appetito!

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Shan said...

Oh that sounds very yummy. Will have to give it a go.