16 June 2007

Trading a seat on the airplane for...

well, we had washed & packed all the clothes, found all the toiletries in sizes that makes the TSA happy, dug out every cord & adapter we could possibly need, charged the batteries of our italian cell phones, left a multitude of lists for D. & the gang at home.

only thing left to do...go out for a family dinner at one of our favorite on-the-water dining places. but the coconut shrimp and my tooth did not make nice...

and so i traded my seat on the plane for the dentist's chair! all i can say about that is "ouch!"... for the last few days i have been laying very, very low. a cracked tooth is, at best, a simple crack that can be filled. at worst it means the tooth needs to be pulled. i am in soft-food limbo until some time passes and my dentist can determine the extent of the damage (based on pain either going away or staying or getting worse). i should know more this week. but for now, the language lessons remain on hold indefinitely.

Little Man is none too happy about this either - he's missing his pasta and gelato and pizza! BUT...his weather system has arrived and we are basically a mini-Weather Channel here by the bay.

we are making the best of it!
Romans 8:28..."We know that in everything God works for the good with those who love him..."

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