22 June 2007

a perfect first day of summer - part 2

time to check out the night's music venue...The Dive...(well, it's not quite a "dive" in the truest sense of the word - it's so much nicer than some dives i've seen) BIG PROPS to Al & Kelly for a great space, great food, and the best live music!!!
...and oh, my. lookee who's here...
SOUND CHECK!! i'm a lucky girl...

sounds GOOD to me!

and i even had the chance between bites of shrimp to talk to Larry & Craig about their CD "Dois Gemeos" - awesome Brazilian music.
yes, yes, i know, another "larry" shot - how many more do i need?

J., DM., & K-Bug...all together now..."we love you larry!!!"

1 comment:

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