03 June 2007

"inizio o principio"

...italian for beginning (either one). Every beginning is the end of something, and this is the end of my blogger-wannabe status! 5 of the 6 peas (i'm the 6th) know just why i'm doing this creative endeavor; anyone else will just have to read along to find out why!

Today i needed to "get on the stick" with this...the clock is ticking...less than 10 days to go!! This blog will be a lifeline for my most special peeps while Little Man & i are abroad on our Italian Language Holiday. And, beyond that, it will (hopefully) be a writing journey of qualcosa di bello...something beautiful!

alla prossima...(until next time)...

1 comment:

sognatrice said...

Benvenuta nel blogosphere :) Can't wait to follow along with your adventures!