04 June 2007


it's that time of year again...diplomas are in hand, hats are thrown in the air, tears of goodbye shed, the first steps into adulthood taken.

this year is so very special in our family with 2 high school graduations: our dear daughter K-Bug and our niece J.
Way to go girls!!! Both of them are vivacious, outgoing, sweet-as-can-be kids who are on their ways to big things.

K-Bug is pursuing a career in art, which is a good thing. that gal can whip a room into shape on a shoestring, organize a runway-worthy outfit from a consignment store, or pack a bag for a month long wardrobe that looks like a million bucks! she is our go-to girl for all things style. K-Bug actually graduated last month and was feted with a pig roast that was to-die-for - NC pig pickin's are awesome!

J. is following in many of the family footsteps (there are 4 of us already in the field!) and pursuing a career in nursing and outrunning any gazelle on the track team too! Give her a hand - tomorrow is her Commencement!

we are so very proud of both of you! lots of love to you both...
momma/coci :)

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Shan said...

Congratulations to the graduates!