06 June 2007

Birthdays all over the place!!

i just love this time of year...3 of our 4 babies made their grand entrances within 11 short days (and a few years!) of each other. Little Man celebrated that coveted 1st teen birthday on 27 may - and we must first wish him a belated HAPPY 13th!!! I love you lots Little Man!! (note to self: start rethinking the "little man" thing - he is almost taller than me!)

but today belongs to Big Bro...1st boy in the crowd, actual requested 4th birthday present of his sister (celebrating tomorrow!) way back in 1992! on tap for the celebration of 15 YEARS: his favorite Red Velvet Cake w/ that special Cream Cheese Icing, his favorite delivery pizza, some beach time (hopefully good surf), and TaeKwonDo class tonight. the kid knows how to celebrate!

i'm hoping to post a photo or two (still struggling with this new thing!), so stay tuned! and if you see the Big Bro today, give him a giant hug!!

I love you bunches BOY!!!

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