07 June 2007

Baby Girl

Yes, today we celebrate yet another birthday...the last of our trilogy...our Baby Girl, the firstborn is 19 years old (dear Lord, help me! there is NO WAY i have a child that old!)... didn't i just hold that 8 lb. 6 oz. bundle in my arms??? the day she was born my momma told me that time would fly. i could not fathom that concept. that firstborn, tiny thing! am i really completely responsible for meeting her EVERY need? how could that be so...

well, apparently D. & i were more than capable because look at her now....!!

this is Baby Girl with "Hedge" (yes, he's a hedgehog, actually D. & i call him the "grandhog"!). what a beauty!! we are so proud of our Baby Girl...she'll be a sophomore in college this fall and she is working hard at 2 local restaurants on her summer break. what a treat it is to have her back home after that first year of college. yes, indeed, my momma was so right...time does fly! and the rewards of parenting are sweet!!! a very, very happy birthday Baby Girl!!! We love you lots!!!

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